Nothing Changes Until The Change Is Made

Change comes when you begin to ask the right questions. Not only is it humbling, it can be downright scary. We seem to do this only when our back is up against the wall and there is absolutely nowhere to go. If, at that point, we ask in the right way, our mind is unlocked and the thoughts pour into us. Or perhaps, more accurately, we finally discover what’s been there all along and was simply waiting to be recognized. It’s therefore completely natural to feel paralyzed with fear and remain with the misery, which is familiar to many of us, rather than to take a risk and just hope for the best. All we have to know is what we really want. So by sharing my story, it has got to go somewhere important ~ Women Against Registry may very well be a good place to start…

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  1. May 5, 2016 at 9:49 pm

    Terry Pratchet once remarked “authority that can not be questioned is tyranny”. Some day we will not even be able to cuss in public if we do not redress our rights to act dialogically by having a dialogue concerning how politicians impose their decisions on the public by manipulating the public into stories of fear and loathing. Yes, Pamela, WAR is a good place to start.

    I recently read this story about a young man in Mesa, AZ who exposed a very small portion of his privates when the footbal team took a Year Book photo. the prosecutor here in AZ wants to charge him with 70 counts of indecent exposure, one for each person in the photo. Long-story-short, the people, and students, of that community got together ( of all places) and built a twitter account that allowed the students to address the charges, ultimately dropping every 70 (or less) charges when the community told the prosecutors they did not want to press charges and the City had no right to press charges for the “victims” which were not harmed in any way.

    This is only one example of how a sensitive issue like the Registry can be addressed. had that young man received a sex related charge he would have had to register for 25 years… his age would have given him some break on the, what is normally, lifetime registry in AZ.

  2. May 10, 2016 at 12:28 pm

    Thank you for your sharing your comment!!! I might add, since a difference in ex-sex offender’s and their families lives relies on a switch in how those who create and think up these laws is wrong, cruel and costly in every area.There will NEVER be a better time than right now to take the necessary steps to make positive and more true American changes!!! Education is the key!!!

    If we allow ourselves or other’s to hold these kinds of thoughts (like those who react and make these laws) rather than educate…then in our minds, (the minds of the clueless, or ignorant) allows people to actually believe them! It is a fact… by the “Law of Relativity”, the formless substance starts to be obedient and eventually our circumstances will be a reflection of these thoughts.

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